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They call him Jetpack, and he’s about to take flight. This 17-year-old rap phenom is preparing to show

the world what he’s got in his upcoming EP, One Eighth, debuting this spring. Sure to connect to crowds

and music lovers alike, One Eighth boasts several hot singles with local and well-known artists. Jetpack

likens his music to rap icon, Lil Uzi Vert, because they both like to party and love life, but he’s no

stranger to R&B influences either. (You can catch him listening to Frank Ocean when he’s not working.)

“I really want to collab with Da Baby,” says Jetpack. “I feel like we’re both bosses in the game,” though

one of his immediate goals is opening up for superstar Drake, who he describes as “a mastermind.”

Fearless and free-spirited, the kid is certain that in the next ten years, we will all be witness to his

success. “My whole family raps; I grew up around music. My uncle, [Kashius Deniro], and my uncle, Raw

Dog, from the group, The Bread Boyz, with the chart-topping hit, ‘Say NO More’, were both in the game.

I remember being on stage with the OG, Bigga Rankin, and my dad [J Figures] when I was young. So, I

push myself because I want to see my family on top. I want my fans to know that they can have fun, too;

just chill and live that 7-figure lifestyle.” And with this many moguls in his corner, we are sure that seven

figures are just the beginning.

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