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Yung Mogul The KING
Yung Mogul The KING BIO

Yung mogul the king also known as YMTK is the future of hip-hop he is a virtual science experiment made good as he stated in his debut single “my mama was a model and daddy is a hustler I am a king and I’m allergic to them busters “he was born 1-10-2012 A Capricorn dragon flashy ,energetic and smooth the fire breathing confident dragon never shies a way from a chance to show his dominance the stage is his battle ground and the microphone is his weapon and the audience is the trophy .YMT K’s Debut EP will be dropping the summer of 2024 in titled “Hey yung world” due to the influence of his father he has learned the art of wrapping that embodies the greats the great lyrics of a Notorious B.I.G. And the heart and soul of a 2Pac Shakur the young Mogul has dreams of working with some of his idols like NBA YoungBoy an NLE Choppa also he plans to run the game and take over ( when the time comes ) just like his big cousin Jetpack is doing right now!!! The future is clearly bright for the Yung star !!!! 

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