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Mission Statement 

Seven figures Enterprise is a company of the future. It was designed for artists by artists. Long gone are the days of the top floor executives getting rich off the backs of the entertainers.  7 Figures Enterprise does not endorse ,support or condone modern day enslavement so if you’re tired of pennies on the dollar‘s, 360 deals, Boss employee situations then come to 7 figures and watch your wildest dreams manifest before your very eyes. 7 Figures Enterprises is the brainchild Of one of the most forward thinking entrepreneurs of this generation.  “J “figures Who believes in one thing, making everyone in any situation he is in “RICH”. As Nas once said” a drug dealers destiny is reaching a key “then every businessman‘s dream is reaching  A million, reaching that seven figure status! Our company is a industry octopus with hands in many different forms of entertainment from Music, to high-quality clothing, films, sports and much more, so sit back buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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